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Experience new products, view ads, take online surveys, and earn points every time you do so. Because even the biggest brands need to hear your voice to improve their products and deliver the best to customers.

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Through the words of our dedicated members

"I had a couple of good conversations about printers and plotters with someone from High Beam and then with the customer. I had a nice time going downtown for an in-person marketing feedback session, too."


"Good communication, well-organized meetings, and suitable scheduled time. Plus, information on the matter to be discussed. Good communication of payments to be made, and confirmation of payment had gone to the correct person :-)"

Benedict Channell

"The contact was very good, the process was very clear, and the interview and result were amazing. Very good professionals on board."

Sidney Toshio Sato

"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with some keen team members of HBG and leveraged the opportunities to enhance my knowledge."

Manu Devgan

"Working with HBG has been great thus far. I love helping advance the industries I am involved with in any way I can. I enjoy being a resource and thinking about the bigger picture; HBG allows me to continue my vision."

Troy Stamp

" I have always been happy to support and improve data quality and design strategy for various interviews I've been involved in so far."

Pedro Vilas

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